Monday, October 8, 2007

sorry I'm late. the highway was jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.

I can't possibly express the exhilaration of sleeping late and staying at home on a Monday morning. the day seems full of possibilities. and likely none of those possiblities will become reality (I'm exhilarated, not energetic), but being at home on a "school day" is enough.

happy Columbus Day.

suggested viewing: "Christopher"

but back to the Springsteen theme.
I received an e-mail from a friend, a longtime Bruce fanatic, shortly after five p.m. which let me know that the setlist for last night's show in Philly was already circulating.
how does a setlist circulate three hours before showtime?
it's like the starting lineup for a baseball game or sumpin' (am I the only one who's more than tired of hearing Yankees announcers bitch about the bugs in Cleveland? "if it wasn't for the bugs we would've won." "we'll just say one more thing about the bugs in Cleveland on Friday night, and then we'll let it go" (jeez, I wish). you've got the largest payroll in baseball, and have for years, and you want to complain about what's fair? grow up already).
but she was right.
"Incident on 57th Street" at number 12.

and while all that was going on in Philamadelphia, 60 Minutes broadcast a Springsteen segment.
Bruce's comments seemed cogent, but correspondent Scott Pelley was all over the place, trying to not only show off his E Street knowledge but to push the ratings envelope with several stabs at pinning Magic as a "controversial" album (I guess Pelley hasn't heard "American Skin (41 Shots)" off the Live in New York City set (ugliest Bruce cover? I think so).

my favorite Bruce: Darkness on the Edge of Town (but you don't want to be around me while I'm listening to it)

Friday, October 5, 2007

lack of daytime access

to personal e-mail accounts (insert curse word here) does take some adjustment, as well as extra hours once I'm finally home (he wrote at 1:41 a.m.), but there's all sorts of technological tomfoolery going on too. the cell phone died (and was resurrected) three times in the past 24 hours, and now the external hard drive on the home computer is refusing to accept the download of an interview I conducted this afternoon. says it's full. and despite a couple hours of effort I haven't had much luck creating space.

the camera, however (and knock wood), seems to be functioning as well as one could hope. last night I photographed the Mekons show at Gramercy Theater to run alongside a Voice column next week (extras will eventually land at the recently neglected last concert I ever saw). and next week (most likely) I'll also have two blog entries in the Voice's Sound of the City section as the super secret project is already about half unveiled (not trying to be mysterious; it's just late and not a particularly quick explanation) with a piece on the songwriting predilections of the Fiery Furnaces' Matthew Friedberger.

other good stuff to read (assuming my Furnaces work is good to read): Mark Jacobson's article on the man convicted of murdering Malcolm X (call it a jealousy piece; as in, 'damn, I wish I'd have thought to write about that').
I'm thinking about posting a long interview I did with Mark about a year and a half back because the original publication died and departed for magazine heaven so I'm pretty sure it's no longer on the Internet.

last album I listened to for no reason at all: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

Thursday, October 4, 2007

(danbert nobacon) impressionism (21)

danbert nobacon (opening for the mekons)
gramercy (blender) theater
new york city